34 Impulsiveness


Two young vampire bats are hanging upside down from the ceiling of a cave.

One says to the other: “Hey, why wait for dusk? Let’s leave now to bite the legs of cows.

We’ll beat all the others there and get the best blood.”

The other urges him to wait, reminding his friend that bats only go out at dark when they won’t be blinded by the sunlight and their radar works better.

The first bat says “I’m gonna go now.” and bolts out of the cave entrance into the daylight.

A short while later, the impulsive bat returns to the cave covered in blood.

His patient friend, now envious, says “Wow! You hit the mother lode!

Where did you get all that blood?”

The first bat leads the second bat to the cave entrance, points out, and says “See that building over there?”

Blinded by the sunlight, his squinting companion replied “No”.

“Neither did I.”

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